Weird things you do when you’re alone

Hmm, well, this is an interesting way to start a writing challenge. I do a lot of things when I’m alone, like talking to myself, but I don’t really think that could be considered “weird” because I’m sure that I’m not the only person to converse with myself. I guess one thing that I do that is weird is dance a lot…in front of the mirror. Sometimes I will be watching music videos on TV or some show that has dancing and the thought that I’m capable of reenacting what they’re doing creeps into my brain and next thing I know, I’m in the bathroom with the door shut, dancing in front of the mirror. I pretty much hate dancing in front of other people, mainly because I think that I suck, but I do it often when I’m by myself. I get down with the get down!

I do a bunch of other things…I guess another weird thing that I do would be checking my body for new things. No, not those kinds of things, I mean, I’m not planning on sprouting a penis or anything like that, but sometimes I find an extra-long hair on my arm or a new mole, or what appears to be a black head or something equally unattractive, and then I go to whatever length to get rid of the abomination. It must be terminated. Plus, I think it’s kind of fascinating when I find a new mole that wasn’t there before, and then I come to my senses and start wondering if I’m developing melanoma or something. Overthinking, I guess.

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