My Complicated Fan Relationship with Amanda Palmer

So I’ve gotten a few comments from friends regarding my last blog. ( Mostly over the fact that I read and wrote about Amanda Palmer’s new book.

I have a strained relationship, we shall call it, with her as a fan at the moment. On one hand, I love her music, and I love the music of the Dresden Dolls. But on the other hand, she tweeted a link to an article that I was VERY highly critical of back in April. (I will not link to it here.) The tl;dr of the sitch was that a group of influential trans women took issue on a prominent blog with another trans woman tweeting and calling out an influential drag queen who has a very popular cable TV show over the use of words that are offensive to (most) trans women.

Got all that?

Anyway. I got very angry back then, as did other people, over her tweeting the link. You know what? I’m over it. She did explain later, in a Twitter thread that all she did was re-tweet a link to it. (see this thread: Which honestly, anyone could have done, and is precisely the reason why the phrase “retweets do not equal endorsements” is on so many people’s Twitter pages. I trust that it what it was.

Ok. To Wrap up, since I’m apparently going over time and the producer is yelling at me….

  • I still love her work. Plus her husband is THE BOMB.
  • She is entitled to an opinion.
  • I might not always agree with it.
  • But that doesn’t mean we have to be at war over it.
  • But that does mean I can be mad about it.

Now I return you back to your regular internetting.