This is a quick log of all the things I did at Day 1 of MacWorld 2014:

-Stopped by the Transporter booth. Looks like it will work with the NASA firewall so I’m pretty excited to try it out!

-Contact Patch booth. Stickies for iPad and iPhone game controls.

-Impofi wireless charging

-Ergotron standing work station module

-SmartScore sheet music reader/player

-Lunch at Chipotle…yes I didn’t want to spend $25 for a bag of chips at the show(it’s not really that bad but almost).

-Went to Dave Hamilton’s talk on “Managing your mobile life with Apple devices”
-Video synching
-Synology Video Station
Back to My Mac
-Auto wakes (Apple router only)
-iOS back to my Mac
-Need as iOS client (not built in by App
-Screens is really good
-mocha vnc lite is free, is ok
-need port forward 5900 or VPN
-getting files off your Mac from iOS
-Files Connect
-Cloud Connect Pro
-Parallels Access $4.99/month

-Power User Workflows
-8 time saving power users tips
-Stopped after to say hi to David and Katie. They are interested in doing a workflows show with me.

-NetHero app (free) talked at their booth. Free Mac & iOS app that monitors the speed and health of your home wireless network. Helps you diagnose problems

-Rapid Fire 5 minute tips session at 5pm, various speakers each get 5 minutes to pitch their topic

-Had dinner at the Thirsty Bear after MacWorld ended for the day then went to the Cult Cast party.

It was a long and busy day at MacWorld, but a ton of fun and I met a lot of great people!

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